of the CLOUD FAMILY in America
showing how
R. E. Cloud of Beaumont, Texas
is a direct lineal descendant
of a soldier, JOHN CLOUD, who
took part in the American Revo-
lution, and who was pensioned
for his services as such, on
April 27, 1835.
Prepared by
George C.H. Kernion
Ex-Chancellor -General National
Society D. A. R., and Louisiana
WILLIAM CLOUD: Born probably as early as 1625 was a resident of Wiltshire, England, and is first mentioned in the records of that place in 1660, In 1681 he purchased 500 acres of land in America from William Penn, and came over to America in 1682 with his wife (name unknown) and went to Newcastle County, Delaware. The land he had bought from William Penn in 1681, and from which he obtained a Grant from Penn, was laid out in error in Newcastle County, Delaware. He seems to have resided in Concord Township, Chester (now Delaware County), Pennsylvania. The original grant to him by William Penn was confirmed unto his heirs July, 1715. (See Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy - Vol. 1, Page 556.)   William Cloud died in 1702
When he came to America he had five sons and one daughter, all born in England. his five sons cane over to America with him, but his daughter, who had married in England, remained there. The six children of William Cloud, the first settler, were:
A - William Cloud, who died in 1719, married to Grace Willis, and left six children.
B - Jeremiah Cloud who married Elizabeth Bailey, and left eight children.
C - Sussanna Cloud, who married in England and resided there.
D - Joseph Cloud, who died in 1739, and had married Mary Moore (nee Green). He left three children.
E - John Cloud, who died in 1744, and had married Ann Beeson. He left four children.
F - Robert Cloud, who married (name unknown), and left three children.
The children of William Cloud, the first settler, from his five sons, in early times settled in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, etc.,


JEREMIAH CLOUD: Son of William Cloud, the first settler, was born IN 1645.  (See abridged Compendium of American Genealogy - Vol. 1, Page 556). He married Elizabeth Bailey, and had eight children,
A - Jeremiah Cloud, who married Ann Bailey.
B - Daniel Cloud
C - William Cloud, who married Elizabeth Hayes.
D - John Cloud
E - Hannah Cloud < ... line obliterated ... >
F - Sarah Cloud, who married John Baldwin, her widowed brother-in-law.
G - Elizabeth Cloud, who married: Joseph Hays.
H - Mordecia Cloud, who married: 1. Sarah Chads, 2. Abigail Bailey (nee Johnson).


WILLIAM CLOUD: Son of Jeremiah Cloud and Elizabeth Bailey, was born in 1680. (See Abridged Compendium of  American Genealogy - Vol. 1, Page 556). He married Elizabeth Hayes, and had nine children, viz:
A - Henry Cloud, (of Fredrick County, Virginia).
B - Jeremiah Cloud (of Fredrick County Virginia).
C - Daniel Cloud, (of Fredrick County, Virginia).
D - William Cloud
E - Mordecia Cloud
G - Elizabeth Cloud (Mrs. Robert Booth).
I - Mabel Cloud (Mrs. Lazarus Askew).
According to the Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, Vol. 1, Page 556, William and his wife, Elizabeth Hayes, furnished three sons who are recorded as soldiers in the American Revolution.


WILLIAM CLOUD: Son of William Cloud and Elizabeth Hayes, resided in Waren County, Georgia during the Revolutionary War. While it is not shown that he actually fought in the Revolution, the fact is established that he resided in Georgia during the Revolution and. 'had his home destoryed by the enemy. (see Pension Claim of his son, John Cloud, 2-30935- Veterans' Administration Bureau, Washington, D. C.). William Cloud, son of :. William Cloud and Elizabeth Hayes, wife unknown, had several children, amoung whom were the following three sons, viz:
A - William Cloud, who went to North Carolina after 1776.  He later on visted his brother, John Cloud, in Louisiana.
He is said to have died at the advanced age of 114 years.
He is said to have a sight as good, as family tradition records it, that he could kill a squirrel in the tall pine trees with his rifle, and without glasses.
B - Noah Cloud (or Menoah Cloud, Sr.), born in Virginia in 1752, died in Edgefield County, South Carolina, August 15, 1838, he went to South Carolina after the Revolution, He had married 'Unity' (family name unknown). His wife was born about 1755 and was still living on October 19, 1838, being then 83 years of age) She then resided in Edgefield County, south Carolina.. Noah Cloud, her husband, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and obtained from the United States a pension as such on November 4, 1832. (see Cloud, Sr., Pension Claim Veterans' Administration Bureau, Washington, D.C.) his wife Unity Cloud, who he had married several years before < ... text obliterated ... > Revolution < ... text obliterated ... > as a widow of a Revolutionary Soldier, on her application executed October 19, 1858, at which time she was 65 years old and resided in Edgefield County, South Carolina.
C - John Cloud, Revolutionary War Soldier, born in New Light Creek, North Carolina, in 1740, died between January 25th and February 1st, 1840 in North Louisiana, (Natchitoches).


JOHN CLOUD: Son of William Cloud and wife (unknown) was born in 1740 in 'New Light Creek' in North  Carolina. While a resident of Warren County, Georgia, he volunteered sometime in 1776, and served at various times until after the surrender of Cornwallis, amounting in all to more than two years, as a private in the South Carolina and Georgia troops. During these years he served under Captain Marbury, Dooley and Stewart, in the Georgia troops, and was in dangerous encounters with the indians. He crossed into South Carolina and served one summer in Captain Stewarts' South Carolina Company. He then returned and served several tours under General Clarke, specific dates not shown. After the tar, John Cloud resided in Georgia, South Carolina, Kentuckey and Louisiana. John Cloud was allowed a pension, as a Soldier of the Revolution, on his application xxxxxxxxx excuted April 27, 1833, at which time he resided in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. He died sometime between January 25th and February 1st, 1840, in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, having lived in that Parish for 20 years preceding his death. It is said that he died at the home of his son, Noah cloud, in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. John Cloud had married Elizabeth (or Betsy) Lacey, and resieded with her and his children, viz:
A - William Cloud
B - Noah Cloud
C - Jeremiah Cloud
D - Ann Cloud, (who were then living in Livingston County, Kentuckey, in 1808).
About the year 1824, John Cloud and his children (his wife being then dead) were residents of Ouachita  Parish, Louisiana. In 1854 his children, Viz: William Cloud, Jeremiah, and Ann Cloud, were living the first, namely, William Cloud, in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, and the others, namely, Noah, Jeremiah and Ann Cloud, in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. (For all those facts just stated, see John Cloud - Pension Claim  S-30935-Veterans' Administration Bureau, Washington, D.C. Application executed April 27, 1835).
It is positively assorted in the family that John Cloud's Commission as a Soldier of the Revolution was signed by George Washington himself. This Commission, after the death of John Cloud, the soldier of the Revolution, passed into the hands of his son, Noah Cloud, who eventually gave it to his heirs of his sister Annie Cloud Villars, daughter of the deceased soldier, then living in Robeline, Louisiana. John Cloud, the Revolutionary Soldier, and his wife, Elizabeth (or Betsey) Lacey, had eight children, viz:
A - Annie Cloud, born Feb. 7, 1824, died August 3, 1899. She < ... line obliterated ... > stationed at Fort Natchitoches, and 2 - John Ancers, and 3 - Marshall Villers.
B - Frank Cloud
C - Lee Cloud, who died of pneumonia, unmarried.
D - Jeremiah Cloud, who fought with his father, John Cloud, at the Battle of New Orleans, in 1815, and thereafter moved to Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.
E - William Cloud, that follows (see Sixth Generation)
F - Noah Cloud
G - Ruben Cloud
H - Minerva Cloud, who married a Mr. Cummings.
According to a tradition, previous preserved in the Cloud family on Louisiana, John Cloud, the Revolutionary Soldier, was six feet two inches tall, weighed two hundred pounds, and had one of his eyes of blue color and the other eye black. The family also asserts the fact that he had fought as an english soldier, under General Wolfe, at the siege of Quebec, and had kept as a souvenir a piece of the rock on which General Wolfe died after his victory over the French. It is also asserted that he fought at Bunker Hill, and that after the Revolution he came to South Carolina, and entered 400 acres on Brier Creek, at what is now known as Cherokee Pond, South Carolina. It is said that his sons, Noah Cloud, was born there. The family tradition asserts that John Cloud, the Revolutionary soldier, married Elizabeth Lacey on the Cumberlin River, in Kentuckey, and later on moved with her and his family to Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi, then to Natchitoches, Lousiiana then to Texas, then to Arkansas, then to West Monroe, Xxxxxxx Louisiana, where he lived for a number of years, then to Gansville, Winn Parish, Louisiana, where he had many sheep and cattle, then to what is known as the 'Clifton Place', across Sabine Bayou, near the 'Cloud Crossing', in Winn Parish, Louisiana. and eventually to Natchitoches Parish, where he died in 1840.


WILLIAM CLOUD: Sons of John Cloud, the Revolutionary Soldier, and Elizabeth Lacey, was born before 1800. He was married twice : 1 - Rebecca Roe, and after the death of his first wife, 2 - Betsy Johnson. He was still living in 1854, in Bienville Parish, La. He died there during the Civil War of 1861-65 of typhoid fever, and his second wife, Betsy Johnson, as well as other members of his family, also died at that time, from the same fever. From the marriage of William Cloud to his first wife, Rececca Roe, was born three children, viz:
A - Samuel Noah Cloud, Sr., born May ______, 1829, near Gansville, Winn Parish, Louisiana, who married, 1 - Jane Sanders in 1855, near the community of Sparta, Louisiana, and 2 - in 1868 (after the death of his first wife) Colon Littleton. (See Seventh Generation that follows.)
B - Malissa Cloud, married to a Mr. Rushing, who left a son. G. Rushing, living in August, 1935, in Jonesboro, La. aged over 80 years, who furnished much of the details for < ... line illegible ... >
C - Mary Cloud, who married a Mr. Dickerson.
From the marriage of William Cloud to his second wife, Betsy Johnson, were born the following five children, viz:
A - Newton Cloud
B - Henry Cloud
C - Frank Cloud
D - Nancy Cloud, who married a Mr. Blakeley
E - Betty Cloud, who married a Mr. Calhoun


SAMUEL NOAH CLOUD, SR., Son of William Cloud and his first wife, Rebecca Roe, was born in May, 1829, near Gansville, Winn Parish, La. He married. 1 - Jane Sanders in 1855, near Sparta, Bienville Parish, La; and, 2 - in 1868, (after the death of his first wife) Colon Littleton. By his first wife, Jane Sanders, Samuel Noah Cloud, Sr., had three children, viz:
A - William Noah Cloud, who died in 1824, aged 69 years.
B - Iniard Idle Cloud, who was born February 14, 1860, in Bienville Parish, La. and died there September 24th, 1894, having married December 1886, Margaret Ann Matthews, Divorced wife of Henry Longlo (See Eighth Generation that follows).
C - Samuel Noah Cloud, Jr., living in Castor, Bienville Parish, La.
Samuel Noah Cloud. Sr., by his second marriage to Colon Littleton, had five children viz:
A - Ruben R. Cloud, of Ashland, La.
B - John W. Cloud, who died in 1906
C - Lawrence Eugene Cloud
D - Henry O. Cloud
E - Annie Cloud, who married Frank Hicks


INIARD IDLE CLOUD: Son of Samuel Noah Cloud, Sr., and his first wife, Jane Sanders, was born in Bienville Parish, La, February 14th, 1860 and died there September 24th 1894. He married December 29, 1886, in Bienville Parish, La. Margaret Ann Matthews (divorced wife of Henry Longlo), daughter of Dr. B.H. Matthews, of Mobile, Ala. and Bienville Parish, La. and his wife Margarette Ann Johnson. From this marriage was born four children, viz:
A - Orren Noah Cloud, born October 30th 1888, who married Eva Augusta Hall, in Shreveport, La. November 8th, 1921.
B - Viola Elizabeth Cloud, born January 20th 1890, who married Daniel Jackson Turnbow December 25th, 1918 in Shreveport, La.
C - Robert Edward Cloud, born Feb. 8, 1892 : married Willie May Coombes
D - William Sidney Cloud, born Jan. 24, 1894 : married Lula Mae Campbell

  I, the undersigned genealogist, hereby certify that the above genealogy of the Cloud Family was prepared by me for account of Robert Edward Cloud, Sr., from family records, letters and affidavits made by venerable members of the family in Louisiana, in order to establish the fact that the said Robert Edward Cloud, Sr. is a lineal decendant of John Cloud, a soldier of the American Revolution, who died in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana in 1840, after having been allowed a pension by the United States Government on his application for same < .... line illegible .... >
  I, the undersigned genealogist, also certify, after a careful examination of the family data furnished me by the said above mentioned Robert Edward Cloud, Sr., that I am of the firm opinion that he is, as set forth in the preceding genealogy, a legitimate and lineal descendant of John Cloud, a Revolutionary Soldier, his paternal great-great-grandfather, and, as such, eligible to membership in the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution; and,
  While excerpts from church records and exact dates of birth, marriages and deaths for some of said events recorded in the preceding genealogy have not been furnished me by Robert Edward Cloud, Sr., and are not available to him at the present time for the reason that his family has lived almost continuously in rural districts where church records, as a rule, are not carefully kept and are often destroyed or allowed to disappear, I am still of the firm opinion, as an experienced genealogist, as well as author of a book on Louisiana Genealogy, that the data I have carefully examined of the Cloud Family shows beyond the shadow of a doubt the fact that Robert Edward Cloud, Sr., is a lineal and legitimate descendant of John Cloud, a Soldier of the American Revolutions, and as such is eligible to membership in the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Cordially submitted,
George C. H. Kernion
Ex-Chancellor-General, National Society, S.A.R.
Ex-President, Louisiana Society of the S.A.R.
and Louisiana Genealogist.