Noah Cloud's Will-District of Edgefield, S.C.

In the name of God Amen.

I Noah Cloud of the State of South Carolina in the District of Edgefield being weak but of perfect mind memory and understanding thanks be unto God for it, calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament as follows, vis.

Here first I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Unity Cloud all my land being seven hundred and sixty two acres more or less also all my negros namely Jude, Bob,?, Edmund,?, & George being six in number, also all my horses being four in number also all my cattle, all my hogs, all my sheep also all my household and kitchen furniture and all and every part of property of which I may ?, ? and ? to her during her natural life or widowhood and at her death or marriage it is my will and desire that all the above named or will'd property be sold by my executors hereafter named and pay over to the heirs of William Cloud the sum of two dollars and to the heirs of Reuben Cloud if any the sum of two dollars and to the heirs of James Cloud the sum of two dollars. It is my will and desire that my executors shortly after my death sell off so much of my property as shall be sufficient to pay all my just debts and the remainder remaining in the possession of my wife until her death or day of marriage as above stated and then all the above willed property be sold by my executors and equally divided that is to say one third to my son John Cloud, one third to the heirs of my daughter Mary Swearengin and one third to the heirs of my son Jeremiah Cloud to them forever. Lastly I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my son John Cloud and Henry Swearengin, my grandson executors to this my last will and testament, and I do hereby revoke all and every will by me heretofore made satisfying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 6th day of July in the year of our Lord 1834.

Robert Kersey
Noah Cloud
? Swearingen
Samuel Posey

South Carolina
Edgefield District By O. Tombs ordinary of said District

Personally appeared before me Samuel Posey who being sworn on the Holy Evangelistics of Almighty God makes oath and says he was present and saw Noah Cloud sign seal and acknowledge the foregoing instrument of writing to be and contain his last will and testament and that be the said Noah Cloud was then of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding to the best of this deponates knowledge and belief and that he Samuel Posey together with Robert Kersey and ? Swearingen did sign their names thereto at the request of the testator and in his presence. Same time qualified John Cloud Executor. Given under my hand at my office this 17th day of August 1838. O. Tombes