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Grief Whittington, R.S.[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14]

Male circa 1762 - Aft 1848  (~ 86 years)

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  • Name Grief Whittington 
    Suffix R.S. 
    Born circa 1762  Albemarle county, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [4, 14, 15
    Gender Male 
    Died Aft Sep 06, 1848  Franklin, Mississippi, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [16
    • His last recorded pension payment, for which he signed, was made September 6th 1848.  He was alive SEP 1842 -- ref. the note of SEP 3rd 1842, Zion Hill Baptist Church Minutes, showing "Greaf" given letter of dismissal.
    • Parents of Grief are unknown.  Grief alleged he was cousin to Cornelius, Richard and Jarrett. Were he their first cousin, that would make John and Elizabeth his grandparents. The book "The Whittington Family" by W.W. Whittington, states that Grief's parents were Edward and Penelope Whittington -- no other proof known to this researcher.  Other researchers think he may have been the son of Francis and Martha (Freeman) Whittington.
      Some think that Grief's first two sons, John and Elisha were children of Thruly Smith rather than Susannah Cox.  Elisha signed a document stating that Susannah was his mother, but other evidence raises questions about that.  In 1795, Grief sold 50 acres to John Hayes and no wife signed the deed with him, perhaps implying that Susannah was dead by that time.  There is some evidence Grief had married Thruley by 1798, and John wasn't born until 1799.  Barbary Smith gave land to his daughter Thruley in 1803, citing her as the wife of Grief Whittington.  Elisha was born the next year -- 1804.
      He was born about 1762 in Virginia.  Before his 16th birthday had moved to South Carolina, where he fought in the American Revolution in several battles, most of them on the Pee Dee River.  The Pee Dee was a strategic river because it was navigable and long, flowing a winding journey Southward from deep in North Carolina.
      Grief was drafted into service as a private in 1778 under Capt. Thomas Lloyd and Col. William Hicks at Cheraw Hill and Big Pee Dee River.  He served with Lewis L. Harper under Col Morris Murphy, also serving under Col. Hick's 5th regiment, South Carolina, with Capt. Charles Dewitt.  He was in the Fifth Regiment under Capt. Conyers.  He also served under Gen. Nathaniel Greene and, after he married, named a son Green.  His last tour of duty was under Capt. Clayborne Hinson, Col. Murphy and General Francis Marion, the famous "Swamp Fox".  He was in the battle at Eutaw Springs.  He received a pension for his service, numbered S7883.
      On July 2nd, 1792, a "Griff" Whittington is recorded to have received 200 acres of land in the Cheraw District of South Carolina, on Hillson Bay on the N.E. side of the Great Pee Dee River ("Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants in South Carolina" compiled by Tony Draine and John Skinner, pp. 55-57).
      1790 census, SC, Georgetown dist., All Saints Parish.
      Whittington, Grief
      Free white males 16 and older, including heads of families: 1
      Free white males under 16 years: 1
      Free white females, including heads of families: 1
      On October 1, 1787, Grief was granted 200 acres of land for fighting in the Revolution.  The land was near Georgetown, South Carolina, overlooking the Pee Dee River.  Copies of sworn testimony given by Grief Whittington, Nathaniel Whittington, and Richard Whittington were presented as evidence of their military service.
      He was a resident of Cheraw District, South Carolina.  Grief went to Mississippi with Cornelius and Jarrett Whittington and was in Amite County, Mississippi in 1806.  The 1816 Amite Co., MS Inhabitants, Vol-1, 1699-1865 By Casey lists Grief Whittington.
      1800 census, SC, Marion dist, Liberty
      Whitington, Greef - males: 2 (0-10), 1 (26-45); females: 1 (26-45)
      Whitington, John - males: 1 (0-10), 1 (10-16), 1 (26-45), females: 2 (0-10), 1 (10-16), 1 (26-45)
      Whitington, Nathaniel - males: 2 (0-10), 1 (16-26), 1 (26-45), females: 2 (0-10), 1 (10-16), 1 (26-45)
      Whitington, Nathaniel -  males: 1 (16-26), 1 (26-45), females: 1 (10-16), 1 (26-45)
      Marion Co. Plat Book A, page 129, 7 Oct. 1803, surveyed for Samson Shoemake by John Russ, Deputy Surveyor; 365 acres on NE side of Great Peedee River between  Catfish & Gum Swamps bounded by John Bethea, Samson Shoemake, Grief Whittington, Christopher Dew, Andrew Berry, Jonathon Tart & Joseph Bass; entered in location office Oct 8, 1803.
      1810 Mississippi Territory, Natchez district:
      The book "Early Inhabitants of the Natchez District" by Norman E. Gillis, notes, on p. 78, "Inhabitants of the Natchez District -- 1810" that he is listed as a family head in Claiborne & Warren counties, 1 male, 3 males over 21 and 1 female under 21.
      Other Whittingtons listed by this book in the Natchez district, 1810 are:
      (Wilkinson): Cornelius, Garett & James;
      (Adams): Levi;
      (Amite): Aaron, Gerrard, James, John, Moses & Richard.
      1816, on p. 112 are:
      (Adams): Levi;
      (Amite): Aaron, Cornelius, Evan, Gerard, Grief, James, James, John & Moses.
      1810 census, MS, Claiborne
      Grief Whitington
      white males over 21 - 1
      white males under 21 - 3
      white females over 21 - 1
      white females under 21 - 0
      total white inhabitants - 5
      total free people of color --
      total of slaves --
      total inhabitants - 5
      1816 census, MS, Amite
      Grief Whittington:
      white males over 21 - 1
      white males under 21 - 2
      white females over 21 - 1
      white females under 21 - 1
      total inhabitants - 5
      Mabel Alice Thompson in her book, "Looking Back, A Narrative History of Bayou Chicot", states that "Grief was the Patriarch of all the Whittingtons in this section of Louisiana".  She says Susanna Cox was his first wife and attributes all three of his sons -- John, Elisha and Greene -- to this marriage.  She records no marriage to Thruly Smith (though, in 1803, Thruly's father's will states that she was the wife of Grief).  Greene is believed to be the son of Winnie Whittington, who he married in Amite county Mississippi on March 15, 1816.
      From "Amite County, Mississippi, 1699-1865, Volume 11, The Churches" by Albert E. Casey, pp 321-333:
      Zion Hill Baptist Church Minutes
      1822 .... Nov  Grief Whittington received by letter.
      1823 .... Feb 1  G. Whittington given letter of dismissal.
          .... May 3  Grief Whittington received by letter.
          .... Aug 2  Cornelius Whittington received by letter.
      1824 .... Jun 5  Sister Winney Whittington by reinstatement.
      1828 .... Feb  Grief Whittington accused by Brother C. Rhodes for intoxication.
          .... Apr 5  Grief Whittington excluded on his refusal to make acknowledgements.
      1842 .... Aug  the church met in conference.  Brother Whittington by reinstatement.
      Sat, the 3rd of Sept.  Sister Winey Jackson & Brother Greaf Whittington given letter of dismissal.
      1830 census, MS, Amite p. 50
      Gulf Whittington
      Free White Persons:
      5-10 - 1
      10-15 - 1
      70-80 - 1
      40-50 - 1
      1840 census, MS, Amite
      Grief Whittington
      Free White Persons:
      10-15 - 1
      70-80 - 1
      15-20 - 1
      50-60 - 1
      Below received from Ronald McClendon>, 5712 Sweetwater, N.W., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120 on November 22, 1998  "Note:  According to Nancy Fosburgh, Grief Whittington was a cousin to Cornelius and Richard Whittington.  In sworn affidavits, Grief stated he was a cousin to Jarrett and Richard Whittington. Grief had at least two children from a previous marriage.
      Billie Allen> wrote MAY 14 1999 "I believe that Evan Whittington ... was Grief's son. Here's why. Grief showed one male 16 in his home on the 1790 census. On another record in Amite Co. (Inhabitants of the Natchez District) in 1810, Grief showed 3 males 21. By 1816, Evan had married Avis Curry (m. Sept. 1815 in Amite Co.) and was listed as head of household. The only ones there old enough to have him were Jarrett, Cornelius, Richard and Grief. He's not listed as one of the Richard or Cornelius' and Jarrett didn't marry until 1798. He showed no children or wife on 1790 census. He did show one male 21 on that 1810 one. The earliest Whittingtons in La. (in 1830) were Evan (b. ca 1789 or 90 per later census), Elisha and John (Grief's).
      "I don't know any of Evan's kid's names, because by 1850 when it listed them, he was 60 years old and some Jenkins were living in the home with him. (Maybe a daughter's family). I thought this was interesting."
      Carolyn Whittington wrote (OCT 2000):  "I have always wondered what motivated our Dalton (wife of Elisha) & Whittington ancestors to move to that particular area of Louisiana?  Who did they know? Grief apparently returned to Mississippi after his stay in Louisiana, but his sons remained.
      "Several of the neighbors of the Daltons and Whittingtons listed in the early census records (1810 - 1830) have  been identified as "redbones"  by other researchers.  "Redbones" was a term used primarily in Louisiana that referred to individuals of mixed white and black or Indian descent.  Joseph Willis, who established the Baptist Church in Bayou Chicot, was himself half-Cherokee and was a near neighbor to Elisha.  Stephen Bowie, brother of James and Rezin, also lived in the general area.... in the 1830 census ... Elisha's entire family was listed as "Free Colored."  I have always puzzled over the years as to whether this was just a transcription error or not."
      Pension application of Grief Whittington S7883
      State of Mississippi, Amite County - Probate Court of Amite County
      On this 17 day of June 1833 Personally appeared before the Hon. V. T. Crawford Probate Judge of Amite County Grief Whittington a resident of Zion Hill Precinct in the State and County aforesaid aged 71 years who being duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Pension made by the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.--
      That he enlisted the service of the United States, (as he believes) in the years 1778 or 1779 - under the following named offerings and service as herein stated & at four different Periods.
      (1) Drafted a private and served for 2 months under Capt. Thomas Lloyd commanded by Col. Wm. Hicks the Regiment during the time stationed at the Cheraw Hill on Big Pee Dee River in S. Carolina.
      (2) The next service commenced in a few weeks after, the Declarant was again drafted as before a Private, and served a 6 months engagement under Capt. Charles Dewit & commanded by Col. Hicks before named, moved to and were stationed at Seewee Bay below Charleston, and continued at this station till the close of the term.
      (3) Immediately after the experation of the last named Period the Declarant enlisted in the 5th Regiment of the S. Carolina Continental troops, under Capt. Conyers & Col. Isaac Huger, and served 2 years a private. Most of the time stationed at Fort Johnson on James Island the later part in Charleston & then discharged (this Document is now lost) from this place the declarant returned to his residence on Pee Dee River, Cheraw District, S. C.
      (4) Shortly after the above discharge a call was made for more troops, and the Declarant Volunteered his service and served again as Private in a Company Commanded by Capt. Claiborne Hinson Commanded by Col. Morris Murphy [also spelled Maurice Murphy] under Gen. F. Marion. During this service he was most of the time stationed on the Santee River first at Montgomery's Plantation and then at Canty's dependent on & in waiting the movement of Gen. Green - he was present at the Battle of the Eutaw Springs - after this the troops marched to Charleston - and then heard the Declaration of Peace - this term he considers to be about 8th months duration. The Declarant was acquainted During his Service with Col. C. C. Pinckney of the 1st Regiment and with Major Tho. Pinckney of same - also  with Col. Oliver Thompson of the 3rd Regt. Also was acquainted with Cols. Lee & Washington of U. S. Dragoons. The applicant further Declared that he has no Documentary evidence of his Services, nor can he Procure the testimony of any living witness except that of Richard Whittington hereto annexed.
      He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and he declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of any agency in any State.
      Sworn to and Subscribed the day & Yr. as aforesaid
      Grief Whittington
      And the said Court do hereby declare its opinion that the above applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and Service as he states.
      Mr. Jesse Young a clergyman and John Jenkins Citizens of Amite County do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Grief Whittington who has subscribed and Sworn to the above Declaration that we believe him to be 71 years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a Soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that Opinion.
      Sworn & Subscribed the day & Year aforesaid
      Jesse Young
      Jn. Jenkins
      And the said Court doth hereby declare its opinion, after the investigation of the matter, and after pulling the interrogatories prescribed by the war Department, that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and Served as he states. And the Court further certifies, that it appears to him that. V. T. Crawford
      Judge Prob.
      The Court also further certifies its opinion that Richard Whittington, whose certificate is annexed to the above Declaration as a Witness, is a person of quality & whose testimony is entitled to credit.
      V. T. Crawford
      Judge Prob.
      I Richard M. Neilson, Clerk of the Probate Court of Amite County do hereby certify that the forgoing contained the assigned Proceedings of the Said Court in the matter of the application of Grief Whittington for a Pension.
      In Testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and Seal of the Office this 17 day of June 1833.
      R. M. Neilson,
      Clk. of Probt.
      The following interrogatories were propouned by the Court to said applicant and answered as follows, and as answered to each respectively.
      1. Where and in what year were you born?
      Ans. I was born in Virginia, (County Unknown). I suppose in 1762.
      2. Have you any record of your age and if yes, where is it?
      Ans. I have no written record of my age.
      3. Where were you living when called into service, where have you lived since and where do you now live?
      Ans. When first called into Service I lived in Cheraw District S. Carolina. Continued in that state till 1806, since that time I lived where I now live in the State & County first named in my Declaration.
      4. How were you called into Service; were you Drafted; did you volunteer, or were you a Substitute?
      Ans. In my first and Second engagements I was Drafted, in my third, I volunteered, and lastly I volunteered.
      5. State the names of some of the Regular Officers who were with the troops when you served. State Continental & Militia Regiments as you can recollect, and the General circumstances of your service.
      Ans. As Stated in my Declaration I was acquainted with Cols. Pinckney and Thompson of the 1st & 3rd Regts. While in the Continental Service & when a volunteer also with Cols. Lee & Washington of U. S. Dragoons. I was present at the Battle of Eutaw Springs under Genls Marion & Greene.
      6. Did you ever receive a discharge from the Service, and if so by whom was it Signed, and what has become of it?
      Ans. At the close of my enlistment with Col. Huger, I received a discharge from him, it has long since been lost.
      7. State the names of Persons to whom you are known in your present neighbourhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity and good behaviour and as to their belief of your services as a Revolutionary Soldier.
      Ans. I name ___(blank)___ and forbear to name others as they are not known at the War Department.
      State of Mississippi
      Amite County
      Personally appeared before me the undersigned a Justice of the Peace in and for said County. Grief Whittington who being duly sworn _____ who saith that by reason of old age and the consequent loss of memory, he can not swear positively.
      St Landry Parish La.
      David Johnson to John Whitington
      Jul 11, 1843
      State of La:
      Parish of St Landry
      This deed made and completed this 11th day July 1843, before P.H.Glaze notary public in and for the Parish of St Landry witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Four hundred and seventy five dollars Cash in hand paid and all interest thereon accruing, David Johnson as administrator of the Estate of Isaac Johnson dec'd acknowledged to have rec'd from John Whitington of the above written State and Parish the above specified amount as full and complete payment for a certain Negro Slave for life named Winny aged about twenty one (?or) two years which the said Whitington purchased at the sale of the estate of said Isaac Johnson dec'd which said sale was made in confirmity to Law on the 3'd day of March 1838. To have and to hold the said slave unto the said Whitington his heirs, executors, adminstraters and assigned forever and the said David Johnson as adminstrator of said Estate for himself, his heirs, executors, administraters and assigns does warrant and will forever defend against the lawful claim or claims of all persons claiming by through or under him the said Johnson his heirs, administraters and assigns, The purchaser hereby dispenses the said Notory from the prodirction of the certificate of mortgaged as required by all laws upon that subject. In testimonty of all which the parties have hereunto signed their names in presence of:
      William Keller and Elisha Whitington Competent Witnesses and me the said Notary the day and year first above written: Original signed David Johnston, John Whittington, witnesses William W Keller, Elisha Whittington, P.H.Glaze Notary Public.
      1850 census, LA, St. Landry, St. Landry, p. 33, Oct. 17
      -- HH 657/742
      (all b. LA)
      Creed WEST, 25, M, Laborer
      Anna WEST, 23, F
      Martha WEST, 2, F
      -- next door HH 658/743
      E. WITTINGTON, 46, planter, SC
      Lucinda WITTINGTON, 32, Miss
      Martha WITTINGTON, 12, LA
      Melany WITTINGTON, 10, LA (hard to read)
      Murbela WITTINGTON, 1, LA (hard to read)
      Louis WITTINGTON, 16, LA (unclear -- almost looks like Louisa)
      -- HH 660, 746
      John WHITTINGTON, 50, M, planter, $1000, SC
      Sara WHITTINGTON, 22, F, SC
      ? Eissha ? WHITTINGTON, 17, F, LA
      John WHITTINGTON, 15, M, LA
      Cara WHITTINGTON, 11, F, LA
      Ann WHITTINGTON, 9, F, LA
      Sara WHITTINGTON, 8, F, LA
      -- HH 661/747
      L. Allen WHITTINGTON, 40, M, LA
      Lha(?) WHITTINGTON, 22, F, LA
      Lourdan WHITTINGTON, 6, M, LA
      -- HH 664/750
      Kenner WHITTINGTON, 25, M, LA
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    Father ? Francis ? (father of Grief?) Whittington,   d.
    Family ID F3706  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 1 Thruly J. Smith,   b. South Carolina, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1803 
    Married circa 1797/98  South Carolina, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • On March 10, 1803, Barbary Smith deeded property to his two daughters Polly and Thruly, giving Thruly 100 acres of land and one negro man named Jack.
    +1. John Whittington,   b. Mar 24, 1799, Marion county, South Carolina, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Sep 24, 1877, Saint Landry parish, Louisiana, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 78 years)
    Family ID F2049  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 2 Susanna Cox,   b. circa 1762, South Carolina, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. circa 1806, South Carolina, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 44 years) 
    +1. Elisha David Whittington,   b. circa 1804, Marion county, South Carolina, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft Feb 1892, Saint Landry parish, Louisiana, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 88 years)
    Family ID F2045  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 3 Winneford "Winnie" Whittington,   b. circa 1784, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d.
    Married Mar 15, 1816  Amite county, Mississippi, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [4, 17
    • 1830 Amite Co., MS census:
      Whittington, Gulf, males under 10 - 1, males 10-20 - 1, males over 60 - 1, females 40-60 - 1
      Whittington, Grief married Whittington, Winney on 15 Mar 1816 in Amite County, Mississippi
      Another source lists Grief m. Winney 3-20-1854.
    +1. Nathaniel Greene "Green" Whittington,   b. Feb 20, 1819, Amite county, Mississippi, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Dec 1879  (Age 60 years)
    Family ID F2391  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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