A collection of family histories and genealogies.

Jeremiah "Jerry" Cloud

Male circa 1784 - 1861  (~ 77 years)

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John W. Rowe
Male 1844-1913
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Mary Jane Webb
Female 1863-1928
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Ada Talbott
Female 1870-1901
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Bettie Stevens
Female 1881-1962
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Thomas Sessions
Male circa 1843-Y
Margaret Sessions
Female circa 1848-Y
Elzena Cloud
Female circa 1826-Y
John A. Sessions
Male -Bef 1879
Elizabeth Cloud
Male circa 1839-Y
Alice Laura Cloud
Female circa 1870-Y
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Mary E. Cloud
Female 1874-Y
William T. Cloud
Male 1875-1920
Gussie W. Money
Female 1889-1920
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Margaret Rebecca Cloud
Female circa 1876-1947
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Margaret Cloud
Female circa 1848-circa 1857
William Cloud
Male circa 1801-Bef 1850
Margaret Frizzle
Female circa 1809-1865
Josephine Cobb
Female circa 1854-Y
Georgiann Cobb
Female circa 1858-Y
Mary E. Cobb
Female 1860-Y
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Joseph Cobb
Male 1866-Y
Lee Cobb
Male 1871-Y
Viola Jones
Female 1873-Y
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Fletcher Cobb
Male 1876-1949
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Ross Cobb
Male 1879-Y
Mabel (Mrs. Ross Cobb)
Female circa 1887-Y
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Franklin Cobb
Male 1829-Y
Nancy Faison
Female 1830-Y
Jacob Cobb
Male circa 1834-Y
Jeremiah "Jerry" Cobb
Male circa 1834-Y
Mary Cloud
Female 1809-1843
Joseph Cobb
Male 1799-1876
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Elizabeth Cloud
Female circa 1835-Bef 1897
Jane Cloud
Female 1835/36-Bef 1897
George W. Cloud
Male 1839/40-Bef 1897
Noah Cloud
Male 1843-Bef 1897
Ophelia Cloyd
Female circa 1844-Y
Ada Lou Cloud
Female 1869-1945
John A. Lester
Male 1851-Bef 1945
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John Weldon Byrd
Male 1863-1937
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Laura Kelton
Female 1846-1905
Hattie Lou Cloud
Female 1874-1931
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Willie W. Cloud
Female 1878-1926
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James Ross Cloud
Male 1883-1935
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James W.J. Cloud
Male 1845-circa 1886
Mollie Manning
Female circa 1869-Y
Louisa Cloud
Female 1848-Bef 1879
infant son Cloud
Male circa 1850-circa 1850
Joseph Bell Farr
Male 1875-1930
Grace Mary Burrows
Female circa 1886-Y
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Male -Y
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Essa (?) Farr
Female 1881-Y
Joseph H. Farr
Male circa 1837-1886
Allie R. Cloud
Female 1875-1951
Ida Mae Hawkins
Female 1886-1962
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Walter Jackson
Male circa 1876-1927
Ralph Blake
Male 1893-1949
Thelma E. Mankin
Female 1898-1962
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Dollie (__)
Female 1899-1972
Mary Viola Farr
Female circa 1882-Y
Bertha Farr
Female 1884-1956
Samuel Asa Weed
Male 1875-1962
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Daisy Leon Farr
Female 1888-1934
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Elizabeth Cassey Cloud
Female circa 1857-1894
Napoleon B. Farr
Male circa 1848-1888
Mary T. Bateman
Female circa 1818-Y
Charles E. Francis
Male 1854-Bef 1870
Mary Elizabeth Francis
Female 1859-Bef 1927
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Mary Jane Josephine Cloud
Female 1832-circa 1892
Virginia Jane "Jennie" McDade
Female circa 1815-Bef 1874
Eudora Story
Female 1859-1900
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Ida Bell Carter
Female 1864-1929
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Alice Elizabeth Rogers
Female circa 1869-Bef 1880
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Fanny Jodie Rogers
Female circa 1872-Y
Dovie Kidd
Female 1881-1980
Marion Cloud
Male 1842-1861
Lugenie Cloud
Female 1868-1948
John Franklin "Bud" Brown
Male 1861-circa 1935
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Clark C. Cloud
Male 1870-1895
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Alexander Cloud
Male 1872-1873
Elzie C. Cloud
Male 1874-1925
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Idella Carter
Female 1866-1935
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Robert Carter
Male 1868-1868
Charlie Carter
Male 1869-circa 1894
William Tom "Will" Carter
Male 1871-circa 1934
Alice Lucinda Heirston
Female 1878-circa 1939
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Tucker C. Carter
Male 1881-1948
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Lillie Carter
Female 1886-1983
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Pearl Hendrix
Female 1892-1966
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Jeffie Carter
Male 1890-1900
Margarette Cloud
Female 1850-1929
Sallie Bond
Female 1886-Y
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Melissa Cloud
Female 1852-1870
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Susie Belle Crow
Female 1888-1910
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Iona Jane Dean
Female 1893-1960
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Marion Lee Cloud
Male 1892-1967
Lillie Fay Humphreys
Female circa 1896-Y
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Jeremiah Marion Cloud
Male circa 1862-circa 1895
John Clark Cloud
Male 1815-1868
Nancy Wood
Female circa 1822-Y
James Cloud
Male 1844-Y
James Willie Day
Male 1873-1962
Josie R. Davis
Female 1883-1967
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William Day
Male circa 1882-Y
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Walter Lee "Doc" Day
Male 1884-circa 1944
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Elizabeth Day
Female circa 1885-Y
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? Susan Day
Female circa 1886-Y
Jesse Day
Male circa 1889-Y
Oliver E. Day
Male 1890-Y
William James Day
Male 1840-Bef 1910
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Ida Norris
Female circa 1875-Bef 1910
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Alta Neal
Female 1884-1950
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Alma Cloud
Female 1876-1947
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Colvin Cloud
Male 1877-1961
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Lilly Mae Smith
Female 1894-1977
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Susan Cloud
Female 1878-1981
David Wire
Male 1876-1952
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[dau] Cloud
Female 1884-Y
Susie Hinds
Female 1853-1879
Edna Cloud
Female 1896-Y
Nora E. Melton
Female 1908-1993
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Caroline Lee
Female 1874-Y
Nancy Ellen McCoy
Female Bef 1823-Y
Elizabeth Gates
Female 1848-1873
William P. Gates
Male circa 1823-Bef 1860
Mary Connelly
Female circa 1841-Y
Louisa Connelly
Female circa 1848-Y
Isaac Connelly, Jr.
Male circa 1855-Y
F.N. Connelly
Male circa 1857-Y
Elizabeth Cloud
Female circa 1826-Y
Guy B. Cloud
Male 1896-1966
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Earl James Cloud
Male 1898-1986
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Jeremiah "Jerry" Cloud
Male circa 1784-1861
Elizabeth M. Wilkins (?)
Female 1790-circa 1873