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201 Egbert or Ecgberht, 12th in line of Saxon Kings in England, son of Elmund of Kent, born about 775 AD.  Son of the underking of Kent, whose ancestors were early kings of Wessex (England). England, King Egbert I. of Wessex and * (I19194)
202 Egbert the 1st of England died 839, about age 64, and was succeeded by Aethelwulf. England, King Egbert I. of Wessex and * (I19194)
203 El stated she left John after two weeks, John claimed it wa six months. Family F15716
204 Elbert Cloud, 6 Jun 1904, Jan 1980, LR Alamogordo, Otero, NM, 453-12-8414, issued TX Cloud, Elbert Monroe (I81283)
205 ELIZABETH W SMITH, 09 Feb 1916, 01 Apr 1996, LR 22110 (not specified), 463-14-0911, issued TX Wiess, Elizabeth Keith (I36532)
206 ELMER R BUMSTEAD, 08 Mar 1913, 09 Oct 1997, LR 19714 (Newark, New Castle, DE, 449-05-0895, issued TX Bumstead, Elmer Richard (I1776)
207 ELSIE F CLOUD, 14 Jan 1896, 29 Nov 1995, LR 75103 (Canton, Van Zandt, TX), 458-48-6748, issued TX Wilson, Elsie Faye (I55958)
208 EMILY T RIGSBY, 23 May 1915 28, Feb 1996, LR 71446 (Leesville, Vernon, LA), 421-20-6181, issued AL Trotti, Emily (I84881)
209 ESSIE F WILLIAMS, 14 Aug 1897, 03 Nov 1998, LR 76707 (Waco, Mclennan, TX); 454-42-1587; issued Texas Fergeson, Essie M. (I36282)
210 ETHEL G CLOUD, 25 Nov 1904, 10 Apr 1996, LR 77486 (West Columbia, Brazoria, TX), 451-48-5958, issued TX Griffin, Gilletha Ethel "Ethel" (I83818)
211 Euphie Lisenbee; 572-20-4851 (CA bef 1951); LR CA 17 Feb 1889; Mar 1964. Cloud, Euphie Ellen (I95)
212 EVELYN PERRYMAN, 29 Sep 1887, May 1972, LR 77701 (Beaumont, Jefferson, TX), 462-78-6671, issued TX Wiess, Evelyn E. (I1525)
213 FARREL E YOCUM, 18 Jul 1922, 03 Aug 1943, LR (VA), 488-16-1444, issued MO Yocum, Farrel E. (I106020)
214 FARRIS BLOCK, 20 Jul 1924, 12 Mar 1993, LR 77004 (Houston, Harris, TX), 454-42-6677, issued TX Block, Col. Farris Frederick (I84438)
215 FERGUSON, Lewis T.    06-04-1861    10-30-1894 Ferguson, Lewis T. (I36139)
216 Fernando, or Ferdinand, The Great, was the son of Sancho III of Navarre. Castile & Leon, King Fernando The Great of (I19287)
217 Flora H. Cloud, 17 Nov 1909, 28 Feb 2005, LR  74127  Tulsa, Osage, Oklahoma, 443-14-2674, issued OK Hagar, Flora Elnora (I74261)
218 Flournoy is listed on the 1900 census as widowed. Smith, Rebecca E. (I67397)
219 Found an SSDI:  DEANIE SEABOLT, b. 10 Apr 1892, d. Dec 1981, last residence 72904 (Fort Smith, Sebastian, AR), SSN 429-16-0934 issued Arkansas before 1951.  Her obituary is in the December 23, 1981 Ft. Smith paper. Day \ Callahan, Deanie (I10453)
220 Frederick I the Barbarosa, Holy Roman Emperor married Beatric, daughter of the late count of Upper Burgundy, Renaud III, and the marriage added Upper Burgundy, aka the French Comte, to his domain. Family F6971
221 From Poley Family Bible:  "Peter I Poley .... Died of Typhoid fever Nov 16 1859  Age 22 yrs 10 mos 28 days." Poley, Peter F. \ I. (I2024)
222 From Poley Family Bible:  "Peter I Poley was born Dec 18 1836 near Auburn Ill...." Poley, Peter F. \ I. (I2024)
223 From the Williamson county marriage records, Round Rock Library, GEN 976.4289 WIL, p. 79:
Wiess, William; Carothers, Lizzie E.; 11 MAR 1880; BK 3; lic. 163. 
Family F565
224 From xerox copy of family Bible page in the possession of Linda Gillespie of Beaumont:  "Arthur W. Coffin and Emma H. F. Schram, Married at residence of Mr. Valentine Wiess Sunday, Feby 18th, 1883." Family F549
225 Funeral was held at his home on Tuesday, February 26th at noon with burial in the Liberty Cemetery. Seybold, George Latham (I3036)
226 Further evidence that Joseph Cloud made a will is contained in court minutes of Claiborne Co., TN (Nov 1821-Dec 1824, p 354.). Yelverton Carpenter and Benjamin Cloud came in Open Court 22 Jun 1824 and made oaths they were two subscribing witnesses who saw Joseph Cloud sign, seal and declare it to be his last will and testament.  They said he was of sound and disposing memory at the time he executed his will.  It is believed Benjamin Cloud was a brother of Joseph and Yelverton Carpenter was a brother of Jane.  It was common practice for a member of each side of the family to witness wills. Cloud, Joseph (I88605)
227 GAY G CLOUD, 16 Jul 1935, 28 Sep 1990, 452-50-8824, issued TX Cloud, Gay Gwen (I81014)
228 General Affidavit and Pension Application contained in James Madison Cloud's Military Service Widows Pension Records, photocopies of which are in pocession of David Hobock, cites birth of Lydia M. Cloud, 12 Jan 1854, Hancock County, TN.  These  documents were signed by Mary Wolfe who was their at the time of birth and agree with 1860 census. Other sources disagree, e.g., newspaper and Affidavit signed by Lydia M. Cloud.  It is felt that these Military Records are accurate because of the source and submittal by the mother, Eliza Cloud. The 1880 Census cites name as Louisa Cloud b. abt 1830 in TN. Cloud, Lydia Miranda (I90023)
229 General Nicephorus Phokas has been a soldier under Emperor Constantine VII and Romanus II.  When Romanus II died in 963, Nicephorus (age 41) and General John Tzimisces (age 39), became co-emperors for the infant son of Romanus, Basil II.  Nicephorus ruled until he was assassinated by John Tzimisces in 969. Phocas, General Nicephorus * (I19810)
230 George Black; 444-28-8555 (OK); LR Ringwood, Major, OK; DEC 4 1899; MAR 1987 Black (Cloud), George Winnefred (I1651)
231 GEORGE CLOUD, 13 Apr 1888, Aug 1970, LR 90062 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA), 559-28-9771, issued CA Cloud, George Elmer (I106130)
232 GEORGE E HOLCOMB, 22 Nov 1928, 24 Nov 2004, LR 77660 (Spurger, Tyler, TX) , 466-36-9408, issued TX Holcomb, George Eugene (I58513)
233 GEORGE KILPATRICK, 01 May 1929, Nov 1979, LB 77018 (Houston, Harris, TX), 467-22-5324, issued TX Kilpatrick, George (I17008)
234 GEORGE STURROCK, 07 Jul 1888, May 1965, LR (Texas), 460-09-4239, issued TX Sturrock, George W. (I34977)
235 GERALD D FLOWERS, 25 Aug 1927, 05 Mar 2002, LR 77625 (Kountze, Hardin, TX), 464-22-5208, issued TX Flowers, Gerald D. (I5308)
236 GERALD HARRIS, 01 May 1920, Jan 1986, LR 92050 (California), LB 92050, 431-22-0975, issued AR Harris, Gerald Lee (I78160)
237 GERALDINE D LENEHAN, 16 Feb 1924, 13 Apr 2001, LR 10804 (Wykagyl, Westchester, NY), LB 10601 (White Plains, Westchester, NY), 128-14-9555, issued NY Donovan, Geraldine (I40326)
238 GERTRUDE S LEWIS, 05 May 1900, Nov 1992, LR 92117 (San Diego, San Diego, CA), 353-14-0167, issued Illinois Seybold, Gertrude F. (I6024)
239 GORDON SIDES, 07 Feb 1918, 04 Jun 1994, LR 75056 (The Colony, Denton, TX), 459-16-8129, issued TX Sides, Gordon Elmo (Staggs) (I81186)
240 Grand Duke Yuri Dolgorusky died in 1157.  He was succeeded by Andrew Bogolyubsky, who did not live in Moscow, either, but remained in the north in the Grand Duchy Vladimir. Moscow, Grand Duke Yuri or Iurri Dolgurukii of Prince of Suzdal (I20002)
241 Grave site in Citizen section G4-L3-B56. Seybold, Elizabeth Delilah (?Mary Elizabeth?) "Lizzie" (I1156)
242 Grave site in Citizen section, G2-L3-B56 Seybold, Lena Gertrude (I1199)
243 Gravesite location: 1/3rd back from street, left side near fence by Winnfield Junion High School. Parker, Sybol Lucille (I58981)
244 Gravestone reads John B. Seybold, Apr 10, 1864 - Mar 4, 1910; age 45y 10m 24d. Seybold, John B. (I2993)
245 Gravestone reads: "Robert S. Cloud 1868-1946" Cloud, Robert Samuel "Bob" (I1177)
246 Gravestone: Anna Janet McCue Wiess; Born March 19, 1870; Died Nov. 26, 1945. McCue, Anna Janet "Bertie" (I1516)
247 Gravestone: Capt. Richard Cushman Priddie; Beloved Son of; W.A. & Nena Wiess Priddie; Dec. 4, 1894; Feb. 13, 1919. Priddie, Capt. Richard Cushman (I1506)
248 Gravestone: Fay Wiess Ellis; Oct. 29, 1899; March 19, 1963. Wiess, Fay (I8980)
249 Gravestone: Gerald Donovan; Born Aug. 3, 1891; Died Dec. 3, 1987; Requiescat In Pace. Donovan, Daniel Gerald (I1507)
250 Gravestone: Geraldine Donovan Lenehan; Born Feb. 16, 1924; Died Apr. 13, 2001. Donovan, Geraldine (I40326)

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