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17851 World War I
Gunter, David H. Gunter (I93574)
17852 World War I Draft Registration Card - age 36/Orange, Cherokee, GA / listed as short with blue eyes/ registered Sept 12, 1918
1900 Census - Mullins, Cherokee, GA - age 18
1910 Census - CrossRoads, Cherokee, GA - age 28
1920 Census - Mullins, Cherokee, GA - age 36/Widow
1930 Census - Waleska, Cherokee, GA - age 47 
Smithwick, Arthur Richerson (I165140)
17853 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Lee Lot Brown
County: Maricopa
State: Arizona
Birth Date: 4 Mar 1884
Race: White
Roll: 1522450
DraftBoard: 0
Brown, Lee Lott (I777)
17854 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Recordinfo
about Marcus Arthur Mcchrystal
Name:  Marcus Arthur Mcchrystal
City:  Not Stated
County:  Juab
State:  Utah
Birth Date: 21 Nov 1883
Race:  White
Roll:  1983885
DraftBoard: 0
  Age:  36  Year: 1920
  Birthplace:  Utah  Roll:  T625_1863
  Race:  White  Page:  1B
    State:  Utah  ED:  13
    County:  Juab  Image:  0178
    Township:  Eureka Precinct
1930 Census CA
Mark Mcchrystal  45  1884  Utah  Head  White  Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA
Grace Mcchrystal  40  1889    Wife    Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA
Margaret Mcchrystal  15  1914    Daughter    Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA
McChrystal, Marcus Arthur (I99644)
17855 World War I: Private, Company D, 35th Engineers Cloud, Ernest A. (I127351)
17856 World War II Enlistment Records - September 14, 1942 at Fort McPherson Atlanta, GA; 5'5" tall weight 136
Listed as Divorced with no dependents but that's not true. 
Smithwick, Thomas Glen (I165141)
17857 Worton,Robt J (Emma B) 1505 S. Raymond Ave Worton, Robert John (I181884)
17858 Written by Peggy Kimery, March 2, 1999:
    "Although my grandfather was one of a large family, he and his siblings did not produce very many descendants.  My mother is an only child; and, while she was basically raised by the entire family (her parents worked in a carnival when she was small), nobody ever really talked about the family.  Other than her immediate cousins (only 7 of them), she really didn't know her Landers family.  The only ones left in her family are her and a couple of her cousins and their children."
Kimery, Peggy Ann (I83143)
17859 Wrote to grandson Tommy, around 1952, while still living in Albion, that her name was "Marry Lizzie Beth Seybold".  Shorty and Hazel said her name was "Elizabeth Delilah".  Her marriage license lists her name as Lizzie Seybolt.  On her son, Thomas', delayed birth certificate, her name is listed as "Elizabeth Dinah Seybold" while on his social security application he lists her name as "Mary Elizabeth Seybold". The only census she appeared on as a child by name was the 1900 Chickasaw Nation census, where she is listed as "Lizzie".  This is the same name she used in subsequent censuses with her own family.
    "Shorty", her daughter, said she was born in "Casa Grande, Texas" (but that's in the Big Bend country, so it's more likely she misunderstood the pronunciation of "Corsicana").  Her dad (J.R. Seybold) owned a store in Sciota, Illinois and her older siblings were all born in Illinois. He is listed on the ILL census in 1880, but he writes a letter from Chatfield, Navarro County in March of 1883 and then from Rice, Navarro County, Texas, near Corsicana, in 1890.  He purchased land in Navarro County in April 1883 and grandma wasn't born until October of that year, so it's pretty obvious she was born in Navarro county Texas -- that is to say Corsicana, if Shorty is correct.
    On the 1910 Konawa census, she lists her birthplace as Texas and the birthplaces of both her parents as Illinois.
    She told Dardenelle and Mary Boynton that she and her siblings had "numbers" from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Doris (Seabold) Kalita, Zeb's daughter, said that they got a settlement from the BIA because she was deceased and her husband was a Cherokee, so they distributed the money among her nearest kin.  She says her father, Zeb, got about $35.
    Aunt Hazel (9-11-97) says she is sure that her mother and her people came from Illinois.  She said they were "Northern" people -- not easily accepted in I.T.  That they had Negro servants and that her mother was kidded because she was nursed by a Negro slave when her mother had been ill.  (The owning of a slave when she was born, in 1883, is unlikely -- especially considering that many of J.R.'s people -- and possibly J.R. himself -- served in the Illinois Infantry which was in the Union.  Though I suppose it is possible some of their slaves stayed with them -- or perhaps they just had servants.)
    They moved to Ardmore, in 1890,  where her father, J.R., owned a store.
    Her father died when she was about seven (ca 1890), her mother died a few years later, and she was passed from family to family. Aunt Hazel (9-11-97) said that she babysat when her mother was ill, when she was ten.
    "Her two oldest sisters were school teachers ... momma and Aunt Lena were last, sort of orphaned, and didn't get an education."  Aunt Hazel (9-11-97)
    She was close to her brother Zeb.  Never knew Herman or Theodore (how can this be, she was at least 7 years old when Theodore died and 15 when Herman stole the money?).
Seybold, Elizabeth Delilah (?Mary Elizabeth?) "Lizzie" (I1156)
17860 Wuanita Cloud; Plot: Section C Brooks, Wuanita (I55846)
17861 Wulgrim II of Angouleme was born about 1100 in Angouleme, situated on the Charente River, northeast of Bordeaux, France. Angouleme, Count Wulgrim of * II (I26156)
17862 WW-I draft registration card; s/n 585; order # 13
Ralph Emerson Cloud
residence: Box ???, Austin, Travis, Texas
age: 42; January 24, 1876
white, native born
physician, The Oaks Sanitarium, Austin, Travis, Tex
relative: Mrs. Anna Cloud, RFG #4, Austin, Travis, Texas
signed: Ralph E. Cloud, M.D.
tall, slender build, grey eyes, lt brown hair
signed: L. Eck; Sept 12/15; Austin, TX
1930, Austin, Travis Co., Texas Census gave names, dates & places of Ralph, Anna and 3 children.
Cloud, Dr. Ralph Emerson M.D. (I65425)
17863 WW-I draft registration, Fannin cty, TX: Lem Vinson Stovall, b. Feb. 18, 1880.  Nearest relative -- Rosa R. Stovall. Stovall, Lem Vinson (I163222)
17864 WW-I draft registration:
CLOUD, Raymond Alec, White, born: 26 Oct 1895, Milano, Milam county, Texas.
1920 census, TX, Milam, jp 4, ed 125, 3-B, Jan. 10, HH 54/57
CLOUD, M.J., head, F, W, widowed, TX, MO, TN
CLOUD, Raymon A, son, M, W, 24, divorced, TX, TX, TX, laborer, farm
MULLINS, Jessie L, g-dau, F, W, 3, TX, TX, TX
--** (the name MULLINS is struck through.
... Is she Raymond's daughter and MULLINS the maiden name of his ex-wife.
... Is she the daughter of Annie CLOUD who married a MULLINS?)
(They are 5 HH away from Dowing's brother Robt. Samuel and Bettie Stevens CLOUD.)
On 1930 census (Houston, TX), there is a Raymond R. CLOUD, 35 all b. TX, a machinist at a cement factory, who is married to Alma, 23 b. LA.  He was married at 22, making his first marriage about 1917, and she at 20, so they married about 1927.
I believe this is the same person but with the wrong middle initial -- primarily because there are no other Raymond CLOUDs on any census born around the same time in TX and because this man died in Houston 14 years later.
Cloud, Raymond Alec (I400)
17865 WW-I draft registration:
Roy Troy Cloud
res: Runge, Karnes, Tex
age: 36; dob Nov 30, 1882
farmer, working for Nell Scogin in Runge, TX
nearest relative, Mrs. R.T. Cloud, Runge, Karnes, TX
signed: Roy Troy Cloud
medium height; slender build, blue eyes, light hair
signed: B.E. Brown; 9/12/18
Cloud, Roy Trox (Troy?) (I131465)
17866 WW-I draft registration:
s/n 420 order ?306
Perry Cloud
Regency Mills, Texas
age 19; dob June 16, 1899
white, native born
farmer; Regency, Mills, Texas
nearest relative: A.J. Cloud, Regency, Mills, Texas
signed: Perry Cloud
tall, slender, blue eyes, red hair
signed E.J. Griffin
12th September, Mills county
Cloud, Perry (I4313)
17867 WW-I draft registration:
s/n 980; order # 1057
Perry Wilmot Cloud
residence: Rte B, Stamford, Jones, Tex
19; Dec 12, 1898
white, native born
student at A&M; farmer working for J.D. Cloud
place: Rte B, Stamford, Jones, Tex
rearest relative: J.D. Cloud, Rte B, Stamford, Jones, Tex
signed: Perry Wilmot Cloud
med height; med. build; gray eyes, light hair
signed R.B. Gryant Sept 12, 1918
Jones county; Anson, Texas
Cloud, Perry Wilmot (I56991)
17868 WW-I Draft registration:
Winfred Herbert Penick, 26.
Home Meers OK
dob Aug. 9, 1890
place of birth: Strawn, TX
occupation: farming for myself; near Meers, OK
dependants: wife and two children
short, slender, light brown eyes, black hair
Penick, Herbert Winfred (I156876)
17869 WW-I draft registration:
Winston Marsh
residence: Commerce, Marlin, Falls, TX
birth: Feb. 7, 1885
occupation: Section Foreman H & TC
nearest relative: Mattie Marsh (same address)
height: medium
build: medium
eyes: grey
hair: light
Marsh, Allen Winston (I26140)
17870 WW-I draft registration: born Hallsville, ILL, student, R.O.T.C. at Ft. Sheridan, ILL. Wampler, Elrey Cloud (I144228)
17871 WW-I draft registration: form 1; 1064; no. 213
Robert Walter Cloud; 26
res. 102 Duke, Yoakum, Texas
dob Lept 10, 1890; Junction, Texas
trade: Locomotive Fireman
employer: San Antonio & R??? Co.; Yoakum, TX
single, caucasion
signed: Robert Walter Cloud
medium height, slender build, gray eyes, brown hair, not bald
pct 26, Lavaca county, TX; 5th June
Cloud, Robert Walter "Bob" (I65419)
17872 WW-I draft registration: Jess GIBBINS, signes Jesse GIBBINS (not GIBBONS); nearest relative: Ella Belknap (sister). Gibbins, Jesse (I175356)
17873 WW-I draft registration: John Washington BUTLER; home: Brooks, GA; dob Oct 27 1887 in Carroll co. GA; occupation: agent & telegraph operator for Central of GA RR, Brooks, GA; dependents: wife and five babies; medium height and build, gray eyes, black hair. Butler, John Washington Jr. (I196426)
17874 WW-I draft registration: Joseph ARMSTRONG; 2430 S. Broad, Phila, Penn; born: Mar. 14, 1892; occupation: rigger, Navy Yard; single; rank: corporal; "discharged Feb 19, 1917 from service". Armstrong, Joseph (I11411)
17875 WW-I draft registrations: James Ross Cloud 15 November 1883  [place of birth not listed]; White Autauga Alabama

Cloud, James Ross (I695)
17876 WW-I Draft Registraton:
Milledge Bonard Cloud; age 26
residence: Lovelady, Tex
dob Dec 23, 1890
natural born
born Palestine, Tex USA
farming, self-employed
dependent wife
married, caucasian
tall, slender build; gray eyes, sandy hair, not bald
card signed Houston county, Texas
Cloud, Milledge Bonard Jr. (I68207)
17877 WW-I registration:
Jep Duke CLOUD
964 James, Augusta, GA
b. Nov. 17, 1893
natural born
occupation: soda dispenser
employer: E.C. Wright, Augusta, GA
dependants: wife and one child
race: caucasion
physical build: medium, slender
eyes: light blue
hair: light brown
June 5, 1917, Augusta, GA
Cloud, Jep Duke (I204002)
17878 WW-I registration: Alexis VINCENT of Morse, Acadia, LA; born: Mar, 23, 1900; occupation farming; employer: A.T. VINCENT of Morse Vincent, Alexis (I186015)
17879 WW-I registration: George Oliver ATTEBERRY, nearest relative Ethel Gertrude ATTEBERRY. Atteberry, George Oliver (I196220)
17880 WW-I registration: Jack PHILLIPS; res: George, Okla (this is written in two places - residence and employment); dob March 15 (no year); birth place: Kerrville, Texas USA; he was single and a farmer. Phillips, Jesse Jackson (I197746)
17881 WW-I Vet Cloud, Hadley D. (I84174)
17882 WW-II draft registration: all information clearly printed: Clilton Dean ATWELL, Mrs. Maude ATWELL, mother; signature: Clilton ATWELL. Atwell, Clilton Dean (I207114)
17883 WW-II Vet Cloud, Benson (I75898)
17884 ww1 veteren
Weatherford, Allen Charles (I88663)
17885 Alabama marriages shows:  "Whittington Burwell m. Linnce (?) Cobb 01 Oct 1835 in Macon AL"  --  note that his name is in reversed order! ??
Family F2837
17886 early marriages lists Oaias (sic) Welch marrying Hannah Linn on February 17, 1783 in Lincoln County Kentucky.
Family F782
17887 records show marriage year of 1823. Family F1303
17888 shows a "Leucenda Cobb m. Emery Coker 17 Apr 1853 in Shelby AL"
  Betty Atkinson> writes (APR 27, 2001): You may be aware of this by now but Lenny was living with her parents in 1850 in Montgomery co AL and listed on page 92.  Her son Jacob was living in Barbour Co, AL with William Cobb and wife Molsey. I don't know why they were separated."
Cobb, Lucinda "Lenny" \ "Liney" \ "Sunny" (I7885)
17889 Wyatt was a Baptist minister.  He settled in early life on Copiah Creek, Mississippi.  He fought in the War of 1812.  He died at the age of 66 in Mississippi of apoplexy while plowing his field near his home.  His wife lived until nearly 80 years of age, dying in 1863.
Hall, Wyatt (I11742)
17890 w\o Dalton Cloud Lonadiere, Alma Lee (I73570)
17891 w\o Dwight Cloud Burial in Evergreen Cemetery, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, USA Broome, Bertha Fae (I73708)
17892 w\o Gerald Dean Cloud Pinkard, Clara Evelyn (I75843)
17893 Yates Publication archive, source # 181.000, electronic database, # of pages 1.
Chamberlain, Margaret A. (I65217)
17894 Year is speculative Choate, David John (I42834)
17895 Year of birth on death certificate: 1837. Cloud, William Bryant (I65463)
17896 Yesterday's Tuckaways
Volume 1, Issue 1,  3, 1969
William. W Oates was appointed Gdn. to Margaret E Stanley, orphan of James
Stanley, dec'd. Surety: R W Williams. Bond: $600. Oct 12, 1846. [pg 5]
Stanley, James B. (I102452)
17897 Youngblood-Armstrong opines that his father was John Pinkston who had 400 acres of land granted to him in Wilkes county Georgia Sept. 22, 1784.  John's will named a son named "Greenberry".
Pinkston, Green Berry (I27296)
17898 Youngblood-Armstrong says: "James Cloud moved to Austin Co. Texas, going overland, by horseback.  Other men in the Mt. Meigs neighborhood went at the same time.  Later, Jennie took their children and slaves by boat from Montgomery to New Orleans and thence to Hempstead, which at that time was in Austin county, now Waller county."  In the administration of Jennie's father's estate, 1840 in Alabama, is the statement that she and her husband were non-residents, proving that they had moved from Alabama to Texas prior to that date.
The name of only one child is known (Mary, who married Joseph Francis).  In the settlement of Jennie's mother's estate (Adeline] in 1874, Mary is listed as an heir, residing in Texas, and the daughter of Jennie Cloud, deceased.
In BELLVILLE: THE FOUNDERS AND THEIR LEGACY by Isabel Frizzell (note the name -- James' eldest brother married Margaret Frizzle.) there is this statement on p. 10, "Four other original purchasers, all farmers, appear to have been settled in the Piney-Cochran area before the town of Bellville was founded.  One of these, James M. Cloud, bought Lot 3 in Block F.  Cloud was listed in the 1850 census as a 38-year old farmer who came from Georgia."
1860 census, TX, Austin cty, Travis pct, p. 43, June 24
enumerated by "Jerry Cloud"
-- HH 329/329
Joseph FRANCIS, 41, M, farmer, $5620, $7400, TN
Mary J. FRANCIS (wife), 28, F, AL
Jane FRANCIS (child), 7, F, TX
Charles C Francis (child), 6, M, TX
Jo(?) W FRANCIS(child), 4, M, TX
M.W. FRANCIS(child), 1, F, TX
Gundy GONZLES, 45, M, laborer, Mexico
-- 330/330
Jas M CLOUD, 47, M, farmer, $1625, $6750, GA
Jane CLOUD(wife), 46, F, GA
H.G.W. CLOUD Jr, 20, M, laborer, TX
Martha WISE, 37, F, seamstress, NC
Martha MURPHY, 15, F, student, AL
1870 census, TX, Austin, Bellville, p. 53, July 6
-- HH 385
CLOUD, James, 57, M, W, GA
CLOUD, Jane, 55, F, W, GA
CLOUD, Henry, 19, M, B, TX
CLOUD, George, 19, M, B, LA
CLOUD, John, 11, M, B, TX
CLOUD, Rebecca, 12, F, B, TX
-- HH 386
CLOUD, Joseph, 54, M, B, AL
CLOUD, Caroline, 53, F, B, MD
CLOUD, William, 19, M, B, TX
CLOUD, Margaret, 11, F, B, TX
CLOUD, Maria, 11, F, B, TX
-- HH 387
CLOUD, Elizabeth, 35, F, B, TX
CLOUD, Mary, 10, F, B, TX
Family F89
17899 Youngblood-Armstrong, p. 86, says that William G. Adams, spouse of Ida Youngblood, was the son of William and the grandson of Jackson. But, on p. 206, it states he was the son of Jackson.
Adams, William (I32246)
17900 Youngblood-Armstrong, p. 86, says that William G. Adams, spouse of Ida Youngblood, was the son of William and the grandson of Jackson. But, on p. 206, it states he was the son of Jackson.
Adams, Jackson (I32247)

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