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151 CA death index on-line
NORMAN, EFTON J, 11/30/1901, mother CLOUD, Male, b. MISSOURI, d. SACRAMENTO, 04/09/1964, SSN 701-01-0877 
Norman, Efton J. (I106009)
152 CA death index on-line:
HARRIS, GERALD LEE, b. 05/01/1920, mother CLOUD, Male, b. AR, d. SAN DIEGO, 01/21/1986, ssn 431-22-0975 
Harris, Gerald Lee (I78160)
153 CA death index on-line: HEATH, EVA NORMAN, 11/20/1898, mother CLOUD, father NORMAN, Female, b. MISSOURI, d. SACRAMENTO, 09/07/1990, SSN 559-16-1584 Norman, Eva M. (I106008)
154 CA death index on-line: YOCUM, DOAL L, 03/15/1891, mother BARKER, father YOCUM, Male, b. MISSOURI, d. SACRAMENTO,  08/26/1954, SSN 500-01-7820 Yocum, Doal L. "Jake" (I106016)
155 CA death index on-line: YOCUM, NELLIE ANN, 01/27/1896, mother CLOUD, father NORMAN, Female, b. MISSOURI, d. SACRAMENTO, 07/07/1987, SSN 488-24-3362 Norman, Nellie Ann (I106012)
156 CA death index online: Violet Sellers b 1/1/08 OK died Kern Co 1/21/89. Brown, Violet Lillie (I24447)
157 California death record: CLOUD, LONNIE A, 04/11/1922, M, b. LOUISIANA, d. SAN FRANCISCO(90), 03/23/1972, SSN 567-36-7193, aged 49 yrs. Cloud, Lonnie A. (I15575)
158 California death records on-line: CLOUD, EVA A, b. 10/16/1890, mother DAVIS, Female, d. LOS ANGELES(70), 12/28/1969, aged 79 yrs Brown, Eva A. (I106135)
159 Carloman of Austrasia, son of Charles Martel, died at Monte Cassino in 754. Austrasia, King Carloman of Mayor of the Palace* (I18879)
160 Catherine de Roet, daughter of Sir Paon de Roet, a Gascon,  was the widow of Sir Hugh Swynford when she became the mistress, then wife, of John of Gaunt. Roet, Catherine de Duchess of Lancaster (I20299)
161 CATHERINE S TYRRELL, 14 Jun 1909. 30 Nov 2000, LR 77706 (Beaumont, Jefferson, TX), 450-92-7910, issued TX Sullivan, Alice Catherine (I54259)
162 Certified death certificate shows cause of death -- malnutrition contributed to by senile dementia. Spurgeon, Nancy Jane (I9078)
163 CHANCE, Fannie E.  09-06-1881    01-04-1905    "Wife of J. J. Allums".  Married 02-20-1898 Chance, Frances Ellen "Fannie" (I33008)
164 CHANCE, John Edward, 11-25-1850, 05-28-1910 Chance, John Edward "Ed" (I49030)
165 CHARLES E SHUTTER, 14 Sep 1908, 19 Jun 1994, LR 77664 (Warren, Tyler, TX), 703-16-1823, Long-time or retired railroad workers Shutter, Charles Everett "Charlie" (I33410)
166 CHARLES JONES, 22 Apr 1910, Jan 1980, LR 77356 (Montgomery, Montgomery, TX), 434-09-4704, issued LA Jones, Charles Ellis (I17868)
167 CHARLES MARTIN, 10 Jul 1930, Aug 1986, 460-40-0268, issued TX Martin, Charles Oscar (I56350)
168 Childeric, King of the Salian Franks died at age 44 after a 24 year reign.  He is succeeded by his 15 year old son, Clovis the 1st. Merovia, King Childeric I. of * (I19159)
169 Civil War Ferguson, Warren Montgomery (I5667)
170 CLARENCE HAGAR, 17 Feb 1908, Sep 1981, LR 73109 (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK), 445-05-4493, issued OK Hagar, Clarence A. (I91709)
171 CLYDE BURNETT, 27 Oct 1902, Nov 1971, LR 74884 (Wewoka, Seminole, OK), 445-05-0464, issued OK Burnett, Clyde (I90094)
172 COLIN STURROCK, 25 Dec 1885, Apr 1963, LR (Ohio), 285-03-7839, issued OH Sturrock, Colin George Osler (I92130)
173 Daniel and Elizabeth Ann Cooper had at least one child. Family F30167
174 DANIEL G DONOVAN, 30 Aug 1929, 03 Nov 1994, LR 06831 (Greenwich, Fairfield, CT), 224-60-6769, issued VA Donovan, Daniel Gerald Jr. (I40328)
175 Date from gravestone.
Whatley, Benjamin W. "Bennie" (I21305)
176 Date of death approximated from the October 1935 obituary of sister, Nancy, saying that her only surviving sibling was Mary Lou Grigsby. Grigsby, James H. (I3089)
177 date of death from e-mail from Meredith Malazzo, 1-17-1998. Brademan, William Garth (I520)
178 DAVID G TOBIAS, 01 Aug 1905, 27 Nov 1998, LR 77808 (Bryan, Brazos, TX), 467-60-4367, issued TX Tobias, David Guy (I105138)
179 Death Records / Hamilton County:  certificate # 1395 filed Sept. 10, 1937: Becky SPRINGER; place of death Shive, Texas; father Bill CLOUD; mother don't know; d.o.d. Sept 9, 1937.
Cloud, Rebecca Ann Elizabeth "Becky" (I1171)
180 did not marry had natural sons Family F7564
181 Did she possibly die in Thurston county, WA per SSDI? Green, Cloe (I119876)
182 Died at 6l5 North Broadway, Shawnee, OK, home of his mother and sister, Mary.  Funeral was at same location.  Ida, his wife, and children were not invited.  John was at his mother's house because he had pneumonia.  They were to take him to a doctor in Shawnee, but did not.  Ida and her children were told to meet the train carrying the coffin in Paoli on the morning of Feb. 09. The family boarded the train which proceeded to Whitebead.    Men carried the coffin up the hill to Whitebead Cemetery.  His headstone has "Bee" as first name.  Both stones were set after Ida died.  Pete Black made the arrangements. Black (Cloud), John Ellis "Bee" (I353)
183 Died of ??constricted intestine??. Wiess, Valentine CSA (I1451)
184 Died of measles. Hughes, Mary Matilda (I24279)
185 DOAL L YOCUM, 24 Jan 1920, 05 Mar 1993, LR 65656 (Galena, Stone, MO), 500-01-7033, issued MO Yocum, Doal "Red" Jr. (I106019)
186 DORA CLOUD, 07 Mar 1888, Sep 1975, LR 94565 (Pittsburg, Contra Costa, CA), 546-15-1845, issued CA Lisenbee, Dora Jane Frances (I14111)
187 DOROTHY G HENDERSON, 30 Aug 1914, 27 Dec 2003, LR 77360 (Onalaska, Polk, TX), 467-14-9963, issued TX Barker, Dorothia Gertrude (I16980)
188 DOUGLAS MIHIN, 03 Apr 1919, Jun 1984, LR 56133 (Minnisota), 471-18-9685, issued MN Mihin, Douglas (I70640)
189 DOVIE V PRATT, 16 Mar 1900, 04 Mar 1996, LR 75142 Kaufman, Kaufman, TX, 464-21-8873, issued Texas Reasonover, Dovie Virginia (I37318)
190 DUDLEY E DENMON, 12 Nov 1914, 25 May 1989, LR 77656 (Silsbee, Hardin, TX), 466-07-7027, issued TX Denmon, Dudley Ethredch (I36759)
191 E-mail 4 Nov 2005 from Larry Mills, states he now has proof the William l married Sarah Ellis in 1772.  William was also in TN before 1800.  Sarah was 2nd wife. Family F30168
192 Earl Harold II, who claimed the throne of England,  through his relationship to Edward the confessor as 2nd cousin once removed (both desc. of Harold Bluetooth), and to Hardicanute (both related to Emma of Normandy) as 2nd cousins once removed, then had to fight William duke of Normandy, who had closer claim as 1st cousin to Edward the Confessor through their descent from Duke Richard I of Normandy.  The claim of Harold II led to the battle of Hastings in which he was killed in 1066.  End of Saxon rule of England, and beginning of the Norman rule. England, Earl Harold II of (I19747)
193 Early Church Records of Loudoun County, Virginia, p. 25:  "John Seybold, son of Jesper Seybold married Hannah Cranmer, daughter of Andrew Cranmer, 30th day 6th mo 1784 at South Fork.  Witnesses: Jesper Seybold, Andrew Cranmenr (sic), Rebekah Seybold, ... Alice Seybold, ... Gasper Sebold, ..." Family F1395
194 EDGAR HAGAR, 29 Nov 1916, Jul 1987, LR 74128 (Tulsa, Tulsa, OK), 445-03-9961, issued OK Hagar, Edgar W. (I91713)
195 EDISON HOOKS; 465-76-0194, LR 79905  El Paso, El Paso, TX,  22 Jan 1893,  Dec 1969, Issued TX (1963) Hooks, Edison Marcus (I1563)
196 EDITH BARNES, 11 Feb 1893, Mar 1975, LR 65656 (Galena, Stone, MO), 491-12-4126, issued MO Norman, Edith S. (I106011)
197 Edition 24, Page 432D.  Also listed are Susan's grandchildren (children of Thomas) Valarius, Robert, Susan, Walter, and Fountain. Adams, Susan (I54131)
198 Edward I of England married his cousin, Eleanor of Castille, both descended from Henry II of England.  Eleanor was named for her great-grandmother, Eleanor of England, daughter of Henry II. Family F7358
199 Edward Nettleton, 23 Sep 1942, 21 Feb 1999, LR 76021 (Bedford, Tarrant, TX), 460-66-4525, issued Texas Nettleton, Edward Joe (I25782)
200 Edward, the Elder, son of Alfred the Great and Ealhswith (Alwswitha), dtr of Earl Aethelred of Mercia and Eadburh.  b. 875.  was King of England from 901 until he died in 924. England, Edward I. The Elder of King* (I19186)

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