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101 Adeliza, or Adelicia, was the daughter of the duke of Louvain, of the Province of Brabrant (later part of Belgium). Louvain, Adeliza (Adelicia) of Queen of England (I19426)
102 Alfred 5th son of Ethelwulf of Wessex.  Born about 840 in Wantage, Wessex near the ancient road called Icknield Way from the time of the Romans.  Youngest of the four brothers who became King, Alfred became one of the most famous of the early English kings. England, King Alfred The Great of * (I19189)
103 Alice died after the 1840 census and before John married in 1844. She is probably buried in the Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery, Lewis Co., KY or the Seybold family cemetery. Seybold (Seybolt), Alice (Alsy, Aliss, Alley) (I9050)
104 ALMA L CLOUD, 28 Mar 1924, 20 Oct 1993, LR 71031 (Goldonna, Natchitoches, LA), 437-30-5646, LA Lonadiere, Alma Lee (I73570)
105 Also have May 1st as birth date. Bumstead, Editha (I1433)
106 ALVIN CLOUD, 10 Feb 1893, Oct 1968, LR 78206 (San Antonio, Bexar, TX), 458-10-3986, issued TX Cloud, Alvin Pitts (I71250)
107 ANDREW CAUSEY, 03 Jul 1922, Oct 1981, LR 70586 (Ville Platte, Evangeline, LA), 70586 (Ville Platte, Evangeline, LA), 438-16-7354, issued LA Causey, Andrew Jackson (I36225)
108 ANNIE TREVILLION, 09 Jan 1901, Oct 1978, LR 71701 (Camden, Ouachita, AR)431-22-1309, issued AR (__), Annie (I105290)
109 ANNIE Y CLOUD, 25 Jan 1907, 10 Apr 1989, 438-78-6645, issued LA Young, Annie K. (I92807)
110 Another shows APR 23 1548 as his dob. Griswold, George (I12285)
111 Another shows burial in Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland. James, Dorothy (I12086)
112 ANTHONY T TUCKER, 07 Aug 1949, 19 Oct 1989, LR 76501 (Temple, Bell, TX), 449-80-2888, issued TX Tucker, Anthony T. (I4734)
113 Approximate birth date Choate, John (I42606)
114 ARDYCE HARMSEN, 28 Aug 1932, 10 May 1988, LR 56172 (Slayton, Murray, MN), 474-30-4647, issued MN Perry, Ardyce (I70644)
115 ARNOLD D CLOUD, 01 Sep 1914, 13 Dec 1993, LR 72118 (North Little Rock, Pulaski, AR), 431-07-4900, issued AR Cloud, Arnold D. (I67168)
116 Arnulf born about 850 was the son of Carloman of Bavaria.  Also known as Arnulf of the Frankish Empire.  And Arnulf of German-Bavaria. Frankish Empire, Arnulf of HR Emperor* (I19707)
117 Arnulf of the Frankish Kingdom, Holy Roman Emperor, died December 8, 899, at age 49.  The final years of his life were clouded by illness and military defeats.  He left his son, Louis the Child King to succeed him. Frankish Empire, Arnulf of HR Emperor* (I19707)
118 ARTHUR COFFIN, 05 Apr 1892, Sep 1978, 77662 (Vidor, Orange, TX), 455-64-8603, issued Texas Coffin, Arthur Wiess Jr. (I1455)
119 ASA WELCH, 25 Oct 1921, Apr 1968, 454-20-5253, issued Texas Welch, Asa Millage Jr. (I32960)
120 At the death of Godefroy of the Alamanni in 730, his kingdom was joined to the Frankish empire as a dukedom.  His son, Houching  was the 1st dux. (duke) Alamannia, Duke Godefroy of * (I18868)
121 ATHALEA GADDY, 06 May 1906, 30 Oct 1992, LR 70815 (Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, LA), 432-07-5822, issued AR Cloud, Athalea Jennie (I75656)
122 AUBREY B PERKINS, 25 Feb 1918, 26 Dec 1993, LR 70656 (Pitkin, Vernon, LA), 434-26-7664, issued LA Perkins, Aubrey Benard (I93717)
123 AUDREY CLOUD, 02 Jul 1913, Nov 1976, 437-24-7567, issued LA Lambright, Audrey "Audie" (I76962)
124 B E STRACENER, 26 Apr 1915, Mar 1971, 435-16-0337, issued LA Stracener, Bert Everet (I21403)
125 BARNEY J BUMSTEAD, 04 Feb 1916, Sep 1995 , LR 77423 (Brookshire, Waller, TX), 460-07-2645, issued TX Bumstead, Barney Joseph Nettles (I21160)
126 Beatrix or Beatrice of Macon, was the daughter of Renaud III Count of the French Comte' in Upper Burgundy. Macon, Beatrix of * (I19128)
127 BERNICE DAVENPORT, 13 Jun 1909, 18 Dec 1992; LR 76567 (Rockdale, Milam, TX); 458-08-2943; issued Texas Diver, Bernice Edna (I660)
128 BERTHA THORNTON, 09 Apr 1898, Dec 1981, LR 77651 (Port Neches, Jefferson, TX), 463-54-4380, issued TX Mitchell, Bertha Alma (I1353)
129 BESSIE MCCLAIN. 04 Nov 1894, Aug 1975, LR 77651 (Port Neches, Jefferson, TX), 451-58-8005, issued TX Hooks, Bessie Belle (I5138)
130 BESSIE W WALKER, 06 Sep 1903, 05 Jan 2000, LR 77024 (Houston, Harris, TX), 460-07-5744, issued TX Wiess, Bessie Bell "Bessie" (I15841)
131 Bethoc of Scotland, aka Beatrix of Albany was the daughter of Malcom II, King of Albany. Scotland, Bethoc of * (I19175)
132 BILL CLOUD, 14 Jan 1909, 23 Jun 1989, LR 95360 (Newman, Stanislaus, CA), 448-01-3574, issued CA Cloud, William Lafayette "Bill" (I1185)
133 BILL CLOUD, 20 Apr 1916, Jun 1981, LR 95225 (Burson, Calaveras, CA), 442-20-8115, issued OK Cloud, Albert Louis "Bill" (I15582)
134 BLANCHE STRIEGLER, 13 Sep 1894, Feb 1975, LR 78216 (San Antonio, Bexar, TX), 459-22-8194, issued TX Lawson, Blanche (I4300)
135 BOB CRAVEY, 18 Jan 1919, 01 Nov 1995, LR 77656 (Silsbee, Hardin, TX), 451-16-3321, issued TX Cravey, Bob (I40623)
136 Born 7 Miles East of Shawnee on Old Man Hill's Place. Park, Jesse Murrell (I1633)
137 Born west of Paoli in Florence Chapel Community/Randolph Community.  She never used last name Cloud. Black (Cloud), Bertha Mae (I356)
138 Broken headstone reads: "J.W. Francis, Born Nov 10 1848, Died Jan 24 1864". Francis, James Woodson (I16591)
139 BUMSTEAD, Jim, 02-13-1895, 04-03-1936; Tx. Pvt 1Cl 143 Inf 36 Bumstead, James Hugh (I1412)
140 BUMSTEAD, Morad, 01-19-1856, 11-11-1928 Bumstead, Morad Whitfield II (I1342)
141 BUMSTEAD, Richard; 11-17-1883; 02-24-1948 Bumstead, Richard (I1407)
142 Burial by L.C.Walters Funeral Home; bought by Criswell Funeral Home of Ada (815 E. Arlington, Ada, OK 74820; 405-332-6181).  The funeral home records list both of their names as being "Seabolt".  The funeral was ordered by A.J. Frye and paid for by Zeb Seabolt.
    There is a listing in "New Bethel Cemetery (Additions)" for  "Mrs. Seabolt, d. Feb 3, 1909, aged 28 years" 
DeGarmo, Dora (I1202)
143 Buried at the Church of St. Stephen, which William the Conqueror built for his own burial place.  (aka l'Abbaye aux Hommes).  In Caen, department of Calvados, France. Conqueror, William The King of England* (I19134)
144 BURNIS SIDES, 05 Mar 1920, Jan 1984, LB 76354 (Burkburnett, Wichita, TX), 449-42-4330, issued TX Sides, Burnis Clifton (I81188)
145 by James J. Williams, JP (bond 05/166) Family F39178
146 CA death index on-line
CRANE, RUTH NORMAN, 12/07/1908, mother CLOUD, father NORMAN, Female, b. MISSOURI, d. SACRAMENTO, 05/02/1992, SSN 546-16-0773 
Norman, Ruth "Toola ?" (I106007)
147 CA death index on-line
NORMAN, EFTON J, 11/30/1901, mother CLOUD, Male, b. MISSOURI, d. SACRAMENTO, 04/09/1964, SSN 701-01-0877 
Norman, Efton J. (I106009)
148 CA death index on-line:
HARRIS, GERALD LEE, b. 05/01/1920, mother CLOUD, Male, b. AR, d. SAN DIEGO, 01/21/1986, ssn 431-22-0975 
Harris, Gerald Lee (I78160)
149 CA death index on-line: HEATH, EVA NORMAN, 11/20/1898, mother CLOUD, father NORMAN, Female, b. MISSOURI, d. SACRAMENTO, 09/07/1990, SSN 559-16-1584 Norman, Eva M. (I106008)
150 CA death index on-line: YOCUM, DOAL L, 03/15/1891, mother BARKER, father YOCUM, Male, b. MISSOURI, d. SACRAMENTO,  08/26/1954, SSN 500-01-7820 Yocum, Doal L. "Jake" (I106016)

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