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Simon Wiess was born to Jewish parents of German origin in 1800 in Lublin Poland. He became a ship owner and master at an early age and traveled much of the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. His first recorded visit to the United States was in 1826 and he briefly lived in Louisiana (probably New Orleans). He visited Coahuila Y Tejas in 1833 and was appointed Deputy Collector of Customs at the mouth of the Sabine River in 1836 by the newly formed Republic of Texas. For more information on the Wiess family see

Family Register – Abel M. Wiess

Nannie (Groover) Coffin death certificate

Pauline (Wiess) Coffin death certificate

Nena (Wiess) Priddie death certificate

Jessie (Wiess) Whittington death certificate

Byron Wiess death certificate

Everett M. Wiess death certificate

Harry C. Wiess death certificate

Louisa(Carothers) Wiess death certificate

Massena Wiess death certificate

Perry Wiess death certificate

Perry M. Wiess death certificate

Walter Wiess death certificate

Willie S. Wiess death certificate

William Wiess death certificate

Dora (Bumstead) Wiess death certificate

Olga (Wiess) Hoopes death certificate

Reliance Lumber Company of Beaumont.

Mark Wiess (Marco Polo Wiess, in partnership with S.B. Bacon, established it in 1878. Due in large part to Mark Wiess' many inventions, it became the largest lumber mill in the world and by 1888 it had an annual cutting capacity of about 20,000,000 feet annually, while its planing mill could process 75,000 feet daily. Also see W.T. Block's Beaumont Enterprise article entitled A Tale of "King Lumber:" Godparent of Beaumont

Theodore Newton Barnsdall was one of the first oil magnates, and was president of the Pittsburgh Oil and Gas Company and the Union Natural Gas Corporation when he died in 1917, with a net worth at that time of 15 million dollars. His grandson, Theodore Newton Law and became heir to the Barnsdall Oil Corporation fortune. He was the founder of Falcon Seaboard Drilling Co. and of Mid-Continent Airlines (which merged with Braniff Airways in 1952). The Falcon Seabord company became one of the nation's largest drilling concerns. It was later renamed Falcon Seabord, Inc. and, in 1979, merged into Diamond Shamrock Corporation. He married Caroline Wiess, daughter of oilman Harry Carothers Wiess. Caroline Wiess Law was a generous supporter of numerous organizations, including the Baylor College of Medicine and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, which is named in her honor.

$40,000,000 DEAL IN OIL

T. N. Barnsdall Said to Have Sold Holdings in Indian Territory.

Barnsdall bridge - Oklahoma senate resolution 2001


T. N. Barnsdall