The Ivanhoe Cluster Project (by Mikhail Rogov)
  The "Ivanhoe" Cluster is a Genetic Genealogy Y-DNA project studying the origin of the subset of people with Jewish (probably Sephardic) ancestry and their non-Jewish genetic matches.
This subset is of the SNP known as L47* or as Y-DNA haplogroup R1b1b2a1a1d1* (ISOGG).
The name of the project is derived from Sir Walter Scott's novel where British knight Ivanhoe defended Jewish ledy Rebecca.
Since R1b is a West-European Y-DNA haplogroup, the Jewish component must have come from a similar gentile-Jewish union. (Y-DNA represents male / paternal lines only.)
(From "The Learning Diary of an Israeli Water Engineer", Aug. 11, 2009)
Ivanhoe: The Jewish - Viking Gene Cluster
As the DNA of more people is analyzed, some unexpected associations are being discovered. The "Ivanhoe" cluster is the symbolical name of MRCA for Jewish R1b1b2a1a1d1* L47+ L44-(~1% of Jewish people ~130 000) and some English and Highland Scottish clans (Clouds, Hadley, Burns and Rattray) cluster. These people are descended from one man who lived in the 10th century.
  The DNA-Genealogy in my case (pdf)
  Ivanhoe Migration Map (can someone put this on an English map?
  Jewish communities in the 9th century (Needs translation to English.)
  Sephardic Jewish Migration Map Out of Spain and Portugal to Europe  
  The Genetic History of Europe (Wikipedia)  


U106 Project
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  ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup R and its Subclades - 2010
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  The Jewish R1b Project
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Software for cladograms, flowcharts, etc.
Network Publisher
(automatic cladogram generation -- not user friendly)
VUE (Visual Understanding Environment)
(Free -- very good.)
(Free & commercial version -- very good.)
Phylogeny Programs


My (Tom Cloud's) attempts at creating a cladogram using Network Publisher
Mike Rogov's "Ivanhoe" data   IvanhoeRogov4_01.csv
  Network Publisher source IvanhoeRogov4_01_with464.ych
Ivanhoe cladogram
with DYS-464
  Network Publisher source IvanhoeRogov4_01_wout464.ych
Ivanhoe cladogram
without DYS-464
L47* data U106 Project L47* Haplotypes L47modal.csv
  Network Publisher source L47modal_with464.ych
L47* cladogram
with DYS-464
  Network source L47modal_wout464.ych
L47* cladogram
without DYS-464